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HGH for sale

HGH for sale

HGH for sale

HGH for sale

HGH for sale

There are many treatments out there for people who wish to build their bodies, fight the effects of age, and lose weight. Most of these treatments don’t work, or hardly work at all. HGH is different because it has an immediate and potent effect upon the body. How does it do it? What is it? The answers are both simple and complicated.

HGH is actually a substance produced naturally in the body, and at the highest amounts around puberty. It is secreted by the pituitrary gland, and has a direct effect on many major body processes and fucntions such as:

  • Muscle cell growth
  • Immune System Function
  • Sexual Performance
  • Hair Growth
  • Metabolism
  • Skin Condition
  • Bone Growth
  • Cell Repair

Essentially, HGH is the substance that makes things grow. It is present in ever lessening amounts in the adult body. This means that as the body grows older, it become less able to create new cells and repair old ones. It is the inability to repair cell damage that creates the effects of age.

So then, when HGH is introduced to an adult body, it results in a resurgence in growth. There can be hair regrowth if hair has been lost, there is, for the first time since puberty, production of muscle cells, an increased metabolism and higher energy levels result, as well as heightened sexual performance, and immune system function.

Though the body cannot produce its own HGH anymore, scientists have come up with two techniques that enable them to synthesize it, creating safe HGH for injection. These two techniques are known as Body Inclusion technology, or Protein Secretion technology. HGH obtained from other methods is unlikely to be effective, and is likely to carry a risk of disease and death with it. In the early days of HGH technology, HGH was harvested from cadavders, and was known as cadaver-GH. This substance was used to treat children who had HGH deficiency, but unfortunately resulted in Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, otherwise known as Mad Cow disease. This neurological disease is totally incurable, and is always fatal. Some producers claim to use animal HGH, and this carries a similar risk, in addition to being completely useless. Animal HGH is nothing like the human kind, and will do nothing except cause potential sickness.

Safely synthesized HGH, known as rHGH is almost entirely safe as long as it is used as directed. There are some possible side effects however, incuding hypoglycemia, carpal tunbel syndrome, joint pain and an extended belly. Most of these are rare and unlikely to happen if HGH is used as directed.

rHGH should always be injected, and may come in either liquid, or powder form. However both must be carefully handled to ensure that the HGH is still intact. HGH is a very delicate molecule and can be destroyed by being shaken too vigorously, or by being exposed to temperatures that are either too high or too low.
HGH in other forms, such as sprays or pills is not HGH, and will not work. These products are a scam, and should be avoided at all costs. They carry risk of disease, and will certainly not aid you in any fashion. HGH cannot be absorbed orally, or in any fashion other than through an injection into the bloodstream. HGH should always be obtained by prescription after consultation with a medical profession to ensure that it is used correctly and safely.

Used correcly, HGH can turn your life around. It can help you lose weight, feel younger, and look younger too. There are a wide range of benefits to be experienced with HGH treatment, including a reduced risk to osteoporosis, as it promotes bone growth and density.

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